All Craft Glue

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Made in the USA, the All Craft Glue is a multi glue which boasts of bonding varied materials with a couple of drops at a time. It really is a magic potion in a bottle. It comes in a sleek design which is easy to carry in a portable kit.

-Crafter’s Advantage: Paper glues without wrinkles, works wonderfully with acrylic, bonds in minutes, and effortlessly glues wooden pieces, embellishments and doesn’t spoil the surface its being applied on
-Wedding and party planners Advantage: Fast gluing intimate details during a wedding helps the show go on smoothly.
-Acrylic Fabricator’s Advantage: Precision tip, bubble-free application in no time, assembles small parts, and dries clear. Drying clear and mess-free, making it an ideal solution for businesses.
-Bakery Advantage: Broken cake decorations can be fixed in no time.
-Home Advantages: Toys can be glued down quickly due to its ability to bond plastic and wood. Old pictures stick seamlessly with this adhesive. Saving ceramics are now easy with a little glue which goes a long way in sticking materials together.
-School Teacher Advantage: Education models, including foam, bond well without causing holes in the material. Useful for science fair projects and repairing school supplies.

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