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She is a graphic designer by profession. Loves typography, glitter, design and paper. Founded Confetti2.0 after both  kids were enrolled in school full time. Legend has it that the reason why she makes cake toppers is so that she can surround herself with bakers and feed her inner child.

(To my parents, I owe this all to you. You showed me how to fly. To my husband R, thank you for being so patient with me, for being by my side no matter what!)

Office Organizer


Our in house tech guy handles his mom’s tech issues. He is the reason why we are having constant gadget upgrades ( for things we may not need). The over ambition on everything he does makes us realise how he calculates the future requirement for these things way ahead of time! With him around, our edible printing services would have not been as efficient as where they are today. He turns 11 this winter !

The most efficient intern


For over four years now, Aayra loves picking on Rishaan while we work. She is your tripper checker of Colourmill and Cardstock orders as no better inventory keeper at MBC than her hands down. Currently she day dreams about how she shall be in med school – just so she can support her dreams of having a pink Tesla. She is 8.

who we are

We love glitter, more glitter & cake.

We take great pride in our products and genuinely enjoy being part of your special celebrations. With every purchase you make and support us as a local business, we often break into a bollywood dance. With all the color, sparkle around us, it’s never a dull day at work.

From our mini studio, we design and handcraft high quality toppers which have been our best sellers, cake décor supplies and party décor elements. Each time a package leaves us, a piece of our heart goes with it.



At Made by Confetti we believe in ethical manufacturing. Our most important value is keeping the human touch part of the manufacturing process in an increasingly automated world. Hand crafting is the building block of our process and sustainability is what holds it all together.

cake toppers


A cake topper is a fun element that is placed on top or around your cake to
enhance the look of the cake. We specialize in custom made decor elements so everything you order is exclusively made with your vision in mind. This is how we bring uniqueness to your celebration.


Your topper isn’t just for cakes. You can use it as an ornamental element of your home décor and as a personalized decorative addition to your floral arrangement. You can also keep it as a beautiful memory for years ahead. Isn’t it fun when you look back at the memories that you have created over the years?


With our products we make sure only the highest quality materials are used. We ensure the materials used create not only beautiful products but long lasting ones. Many of our decor elements are used as momentos so we source our materials with longevity in mind.


Our packages are sourced from local vendors and overseas. Your product is handled with care and placed into its package which is free from single use plastic. It’s not just a package, it’s an entire experience. You can reuse it as a to do list or play a fun little game of tic tac toe with your family!


Our creation process is a journey we take with our clients. All our products are made from scratch. We start the design process with your ideas in mind and brain storm our way to a satisfactory final design. Our clients are an integral part of our creative journey and that’s why all our products are sure to be unique only to you.

Keep an eye on our Instagram page for the updated information about our work
We love making your ideas reality. If you can’t find something you are looking for please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your project, please contact us at

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